My Custom Made Shorts

July 3, 2009 § 3 Comments

When I commissioned a pair of brown tweed long shorts yesterday, my expectations were unrealistic.  I thought that since I was fitted, that the shorts were going to be magical and fit perfectly while flattering my figure.  I seriously thought that they would transform my lower body into (insert ridiculously gorgeous model’s name here).   I’ve never had anything fitted alright!  After I tried on the shorts I was disappointed but quickly chided myself for my unrealistic expectations for the following reasons:

  • How flattering can a pair of baggy, brown, boy shorts be? Not very.
  • They made it in one day.  Rushed items are rarely high quality.
  • I only paid 100 yuan (~$16).  You get what you paid for.

After I reset my expectations, I grew to appreciate the shorts.  Even though they are not much to look at, they are comfortable and don’t slide down like my black ones.  I also like that this particular article of clothing has a story.  I am slowly accumulating a collection that spans several continents.  Technically most of my clothes probably came from China anyway but I’m only considering place of purchase.  Hehe.


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